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The www-pages relating to Finnish immigrants and to their new home place


Brazilian pages

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  Penedo - main page    
    Links, sights, map, restorants, hotels    
  Legacy of Finnish immigrants - Finnish artesants    
    The pages introduce in words Finnish handwork and beyond the links you can find information about Finland in short. Also you can find short introduction to Finnish language and its history - information about Kalevala and the poem about how it is to be Finnish.    
  Finlandia museum    
    Information about the Finnish museum in Penedo established by Eva Hilden.

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      Description of the history of Penedo and the influence of the Finnish immigrants in the area.    
  Toivo Uuskallio    
      The story about Toivo Uuskallio, the founder of the Finnish colony in Penedo    
  Liisa Uuskallio    
      The story about Toivo Uusikallios wife Liisa    
  Nile Valtonen    
      The story about the man, who left from Finland to Brasil to collect for his father the dept of Toivo. He didn't succeed, but he hadn't money enough for return trip either.    
  Eila Ampula    
      The art and life of Brazilian Finnish artist Eila Ampula.

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  Miscellanous about Penedo    
      Pages contain e.g. information about Finnish immigrants Toivo and Liisa Uuskallio and about their daughter. Their daughter Eva Hilden has published in 1989 the book about Finnish immigrants. You can find the pictures and the abstract of the book. There is also lot of other local information and www-links of Penedo.    
  Travellers Info (port.)    
      Travel information of Penedo    
  Tourist & Cultural Places (port.)    
      Penedo Cultural Places Dona Eva Finnish Museum etc.

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  National Park of Itatiaia    
      Short description in words and photos about beautiful national park of Itatiaia.

see also (102 Pages, 1.2MB)
Publication of Tribunal De Contas Do Estado Do Rio De Janeiro: "Estudo Socioeconomico 2004 Itatiaia"

  Linda cidade - Pretty city    
      some local information about Penedo    
  Penedon Pippurit    
      The www-pages of Brazilian folk dance group "Penedon Pippurit". This group from Penedo has specialized in Finnish folk dances in its performance. In the summer 2000 the group was on the tour in Finland performing e.g. in Kaustinen, Rovaniemi, Turku and Helsinki.    
    (photos © M.Laihonen, 2000)    
      Penedon Pippurit in Kaustinen Folkmusic Festival on 20.7.2000    
  Commercial pages
- Hotels, restaurants, map, connections, culture, etc. in Penedo

- Terra e Teto - Casa de Papai Noel

- Chalés Laço e Nó - Conheca Penedo
      see also

- Pousada Piemonte
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Finnish pages

  Satumaata etsimässä - suomalaisia utopia yhteiskuntia (in Finnish)    
  Kaikkoavat Paratiisit (in Finnish)    
      Kirjaesittely Turun Yliopiston Yleisen Historian osaston julkaisuja sarjassa    
  Kaikkoavat Paratiisit (in Finnish)    
      Artikkeli "Suomalaisten kaikkoavat paratiisit Brasiliassa ja Dominikaanisessa Tasavallassa" - Fazenda Penedo    
  Towards a Better World   http://www.utopias/info  
      Article on Finnish utopian colonies, by Teuvo Peltoniemi  
  Finns Abroad (in English)  
      Ph.D. Olavi Koivukangas (Institute of Migration): article "Finns Abroad"  
  Articles of Siirtolaisinstituutti  
      Articles of Siirtolaisinstituutti - Institute of Immigration  
  Suomi-Brazil association (in Finnish)  
      Homepage of Suomi-Brazil association  
  Links of Suomi-Brazil association  
  Author: Mikko Laihonen

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