090  Margaret Bacon.  150r. 6 days.  Complete documented death from

     a stroke related to her anesthesia for a bone marrow

     operation.  Excellent additional documentation from medical

     records as to her relatively good condition near time of

     radiation (and her desire not to have radical intervention for



          It would be nice to have someone familiar with her last

     weeks to discuss them, but we do not have such a person.

     Three of her family, however, have gone on record about their

     anger at discovering the way she died, which they had never

     known, they say.  Their written testimonies for the April

     hearing should be available.


          Doctors would like, I expect, to erase the sentence on

     page 37 of Ninth Report to DOD that refers to Bacon's death as

     an "anesthesia-related death."  This fact was not recorded in

     her Patient History, and her death was described in other ways

     in subsequent writings of Saenger and the team.


          Her full medical records, however, make everything more

     than clear.