077  Grey ("Mike") Spanagel.  200r. 31 days.


          Blood counts extremely well documented in History; a

     clear radiation death.  His wife Madge was only 47 when

     Spanagel died, took care of him daily at home until his death,

     has his full medical records, understands now what happened

     quite well.  "They killed him," she says -- and this is what

     the evidence shows.


          Dr. Hortwitz visited the house just once right before

     Spanagel's death, just came in and pulled back the sheet to

     look at him and left, says his wife, offered no information or

     reassurance.  Spanagel had throat cancer that was not

     responding to treatments, apparently, but was still sometimes

     going to work as a salesman to WCKY before his radiation, and

     also regularly in touch with clients by phone; he was taking

     a long walk ever day; he drove himself to the hospital the day

     he was irradiated.


          His wife was asked nothing and never knew what kind of

     radiation he had.  Se says he thought it posed a chance for

     him to get well.


          His -- she feels rather sudden -- death meant that he did

     not have his affairs in good order and she was left with

     little from his will; most of what he had went to two older

     daughters by another marriage.  There was fourteen-year-old

     daughter who suffered greatly from this sudden bad turn in his

     illness, Madge Spanagel says.  She feels they never recovered

     economically; she went to work but has had to move recently

     into subsidized housing.  She fees strongly that she ought to

     be compensated (and possibly she has a particularly good case

     for compensation, is one of the few remaining spouses, now in

     her sixties).


          We read in this History that Spanagel's hemogram remained

     stable until November 27.


          But on December 1 his WBC went down to 400 and his

     platelets to 18,000; on December 9 he died.


          He had had a bone marrow transplant, but obviously it did

     not work.