007  James Tidwell 100r. (32 days)


          Tidewell did not seem to be extremely ill when he entered

     the hospital October 6 (1960).  Was having seizures from what

     seemed to be brain cancer, but they were "well controlled with

     dilantin and phenobarbital."  Ye on October 28 he received

     100r TBR.  Then -- his Patient History in the DOD reports

     described a "progressively


     deteriorating course of lethargy and paralysis."


          X-ray therapy to his head (for his brain cancer) began on

     November 7 (only 10 days after tbr) and continued up to his

     death on November 29.  Progression of "neurologic disease with

     quadriplegia" leading to death.


          But his autopsy shows "lobular pneumonia."


          And if we look at the full medical records, we find

     crucial information on his blood scores:


          Before radiation his WBC was 8100, his platelets 435,000.


          Four days before his death these scores read:

                    WBC 1120

                    Platelets 45,000


          No doubt continuing to drop in the remaining days before

     his death.


          The 100r TBR plus the seemingly numerous tumor radiations

     to his head may be seen to have destroyed his marrow.


          Talking to his son Clifford is a little difficult; he is

     having trouble understanding radiation doses and so on, and

     the difference between tumor radiation and TBR.  But I think

     he can be of some help about his father's condition before



The cases above are among the most critical cases at this time

simply because we have in them not only completely documented bone

marrow failure, but also cases where we have surviving families.

They do not all have the same lawyers.


          ##Here are four other cases very much like those above

     (Maud Jacobs and Mike Spanagel and so on), that is, well

     documented bone marrow destruction, but where either we don't

     know who the victims are or know little about their families.