060  Carolyn Brown.  150r. 30 days.


          Again -- a clear radiation death.  Prior to treatment a

     normal hemogram.  Then on day 16 her WBC dropped to 3200 (from

     5100), an don the day of her death to 800.  Platelets at death

     only 48,000.


          I am not sure we know her relatives or whether or nor she

     has an attorney.


          ##We also have a number of cases where early death

     directly from, or very closely related to, radiation must be

     strongly suspected, but where the records are either difficult

     to interpret or are somewhat incomplete.


          This is partly because doctors were getting a little more

     canny in later years, with review committees beginning to look

     them over, and also because they were becoming more interested

     in finding a marker for radiation injury and for tracking

     mental effects than studying blood effects, and no longer

     really needed to document to the marrow failures and radiation

     depths they were still bringing about.


          They were trying to perform b. m. transplants, by no

     means always succeeding.  These too were clearly



          We have a number of other short survivors who would

     probably look just like Jacobs and Sprangel and Romine and so

     on if we had their blood counts -- Louise Richmon, for

     instance, Philip Daniels (099), Mary Hampton Singleton,

     probably John Henry Wells. Lula Tarlton, in my opinion.  some

     of these medical records have, in fact, already been released,

     but I have not yet examined them all; I hope others will help

     in this.


          ##Consider these two cases:


078  L.H. 200r. 61 days.  We have some record of falling WBC, down

     to 900 on January 2, 1968, then "steady deterioration and

     increase pain" and death in VA Hospital February 4 on day 61.


086  M.J. 100r. 20 days.  Her History should be closely examined.

     Blood counts dropped and she was given infusions but continued

     downhill and died on day 20.  The 100r plus tumor radiation

     almost surely finished this woman.


          We definitely need to see the full records of Phillip

     Daniels (099), mentioned above, (the one individual who got

     250r. (Some records list 230r, but that is a typo.)  Also

     Willie Williams (case 102); even though he got partial body

     (200r), his blood counts dropped and he died on day 22.  There

     is good evidence that partial body radiation could definitely

     deliver a severe blow to the immune system.


     This is a case should that I think is definitely of interest: