053  Louis Romine.  200r. 28 days.  A clear radiation death.

                    WBC 12,500 pre-radiation

                         7,250 6 days post tbr


                         3,250 day 18

                         350 day 26 (platelets 8,730)

                         died on day 28


          Problem:  he has only grandchildren surviving, and family

     more or less scattered; Raymond Romine was in his 20's but

     seems to remember little; Deborah Kramer I haven't talked to

     yet.  Two daughters-in-law survive:  Deborah's mother Helen,

     who also remembers little, and Raymond's mother, who is in

     poor health and may not wish to be involved.  (Kramer has an



          But certainly the records are clear.  Romine had t.b. as

     of 1960; first entered CGH April 6, 1965 with, apparently,

     lymph and bronchial cancer; but no treatment recorded in his

     History expect for 200r TBR a month later.  Died June 5.