045  Maud Jacobs.  150r. 25 days.  Well documented destruction of

     bone marrow, full blood counts given in her Patient History,

     squares exactly with what her family remembers.  She was at

     home caring on her own for three children when called in for

     her "treatment," went back home the same day but the next day

     was violently ill and taken back to hospital, where she died

     25 days later extremely ill and mostly out of her mind.


          Her daughter Lillian Pagano is an excellent witness to

     Jacobs' last travail and death, was 32 when her mother died

     and with her every day in hospital.  A nice woman.  She did

     not even know her mother was getting TBR, was told nothing.


          Jacobs had "a normal hemogram" before her radiation;

     seven days later her counts began to fall; the day before her

     death her WBC was 850 (down from 5100) and her platelets

     38,000 (from 370,000).


          It should be recalled that before Maud Jacobs was

     irradiated, nine patients had already died within 54 days of

     this "treatment."


          She was the 13th person to receive 150 or 2004 (and five

     of this group had died within one or two months).


          Regardless of what the doctors say they knew or did not

     know before they started this project in 1960, they knew by

     the time they selected this mother of young children for

     radiation in 1964 that the chances of anyone surviving the

     higher doses were not good, and that they could not even try

     to protect her bone marrow.



          Yet her family was told nothing about the risk entailed.

     No consent form exists in her records, and certainly it is

     clear that she never knew the risk she was taking (and that if

     she had known, would not have taken it).


          Her children all tell the same story as that recounted

     above, and we have written testimony (submitted to the

     Cincinnati hearing) from her son Bob Phillips.