044  Beatrice Plair.  100r.  197 days.


          Her case is of some interest for its well-documented

     cruelties to a frightened patient, and because her family are

     active in this cause.  And it is interesting to me that with

     only 100r, but with concomitant tumor radiation, her blood

     scores suffered and took 75 days to recover.


          It would, in my view, however, definitely be a problem if

     it were contended that Plair died directly of radiation--we do

     not have proof of that, it is highly unlikely, and it would

     probably be easy for the doctors to refute such a claim.  Not

     sure Gwendon Plair understands this.


## A note on Donna White Cristy and on David Jungnickel, two of the

three children set to CGH from Children's Hospital.


          As the only survivor, the Advisory Committee or others

     many wish to speak to Cristy about consent and so on.


          But as to both these children, I have the impression that

     the treatment of Ewing's Sarcoma patients will be much more

     easily defended than the others, and that doctors at

     Children's may have had somewhat better grounds for thinking

     that whole body radiation might serve a purpose for them.

     (Even so, the risk was probably far too severe, and one

     wonders if the Children's doctors knew what had been happening

     to the other high-dose patients.)


          The third Ewing's family got in touch with me this past

     spring but asked me not to identify them to anyone; they

     aren't ready to be part of the suit or talk to press, they

     said since the child's mother is in poor mental health.


          ##The following additional cases should be certainly be

     among those kept in mind for further study:


010  Lula Tarlton.  100r. 49 days.


022  Evelyn Jackson.  150r. 10 days.  A tragic case it seems to me.


025  John Henry Wells.  150r. 34 days.