Martti Koski - Page about illegal human experimenting and alternative history - some pieces that are missing in your history book.

Braintransmitter taken out by surgery from Robert Naeslund in Athen 1987


Insiders stories , and webpages, from people who know electronic harassment

My Torture Diary  - Last note  on  31st.  .... of  August   2019..

http://www.viglAvaloni.orMATRIX DECIPHERED, Robert Duncan book for electronic mind control

Article wikipedia did not want you to read.

 Can a satellite read your thoughts , Complete technical story.  by  Deepthought

Documentaries and Bits and pieces  of information

Organisations fighting against electromagnetic mindcontrol:

Criminal mind-control experiments in Norway

Operation Grimson Mist - Mass-mindcontrol in Rwanda



MKULTRA and Dr. Cameron experiments on Canadian people

Operation Monarch and some history


Unethical  Human Experimentation in United States by Wikipedia

HAARP, Chemtrails and Morgellons disease  - Unknown dangers

United States ionizing radiation experiments with jews  There is also a document film on the same subject

United States experimented  on disabled citizens and prison imates  by EU-Times

The Canadian holocaust:  Genocide, rapes and other crimes against humanity on Christian Church administrated residential schools for Indian people many territories of  Canada   from early  20:th century until 1970.

Operation Rapid Tan, Alberta, Canada:   The U.S. military secretly conducted tests of two deadly chemical weapons in Alberta, Canada between 1967-68.

Nuclear Radiation experiments Another U.S. violation of Nuremberg code

The School of the Americas, and its use as torture teaching centre using homeless people as guinea pigs

The Finders Organisation CIA and mindcontrol using children

Resources on Nonconsensual Human Experimentation (by Steven Hale)

Porton Town British Army Human Experiments Center, where lots of people are wounded and killed on chemical experiments

Gulf War syndrome

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