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Larry Stopa's summary of how the media has been coopted to conceal the

truth about what is going on in the U.S. reminds me of my own experiences

back in  1974-5.


I was writing articles for Playgirl magazine, primarily about issues of

importance to women. I wrote about a new method of early abortion, at a

time when abortions were only legal in New York and California, and

coat-hanger- back-room-trips-to Mexico stories were all too common.  I

wrote about decent nutrition and care for pregnant women as a way to avoid

birth defects. I interviewed black poet Maya Angelou, and black feminist

activist Flo Kennedy.  Playgirl got off to a zooming start, probably due

primarily to the male nudes, but I'd like to think that some of my

articles on issues important to women helped. (This was at a time when, as

now, women's magazines pretty much stick to cosmetics, diets, and how to

get a better job.)


The editor at Playgirl, Marin Milan, was interested in politics.  I met Mae

Brussell, the wellknown but under-appreciated conspiracy researcher, and

began to work with her. We wrote an article about the Patty Hearst

kidnapping, "Why Was Patty Hearst Kidnapped?" and sold it to a small

Berkeley underground newspaper, the "Berkeley Barb."  This article detailed

the connections between the so-called "Symbionese Liberation Army", the

California prison system, the use of black prisoner and petty criminal

Donald DeFreeze, baptized "Cinque" by his government-funded

trainers/handlers, as a hapless tool of government propaganda efforts

against blacks (the so-called "Symbionese Liberation Army" with its weird

"manifestoes,") etc., which would justify the civil war against the people

that is now going on with even greater intensity.  The very week the

Berkeley Barb story appeared on the stands, threatening to blow the cover

off of this story, Donald de Freeze and the "Symbionese Liberation Army" of

hapless stooges were moved to a "Safe house" in the  L.A. area, and a

L.A.P.D. "swat team" was brought in to turn them into toast, first making

sure Patty Hearst and her government-paid handlers were safely out of

harm's way. The Berkeley Barb's owners received an offer they couldn't

refuse, and sold out. Media control went all the way down to the smallest




I wrote another article with Mae Brussell, entitled "Is Howard Hughes Dead

and Buried off a Greek Island?"  In its original form, it gave a broad

picture of the manipulation of the U.S. government for private gain,

including heroin traffic, arms trading, gambling in Cuba, etc., and

fingered Aristotle Onassis as a major player in the global money-power

game.  Although the article which appeared had been very much watered down

and edited by Playgirl's attorneys, it still lit up some dark areas that

were supposed to remain dark. Result:  I was fired as a contributing

editor; Marin Milam, the Editor, was fired, and Playgirl was "bought" and

subsequently changed hands a couple of times before reemerging as a

magazine of no particular relevance.


I subsequently released the "Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File" after I

realized that Bruce Roberts' picture of the U.S. media as being coopted

beyond reason to keep these and other facts out of the awareness of the

ordinary U.S. citizen, was pretty much correct.  The wide popularity and

constant reprinting of the Gemstone "Key" showed me that people really did

want to know what was going on. I have been personally hounded for years,

beginning with a personal visit to my house by an IRS representative, but

there has also been a loud chorus of "journalists" who deafened the ear

with their frog-like croaks about how inaccurate and absurd the "Gemstone"

synopsis was.  However, a couple of books have appeared giving numerous

source materials that back up what was said.

     None of this, of course, returns to me what was taken away by the

people who called me "crazy," and still do.

     I still believe that Bruce Roberts was offed by the CIA for daring to

write what he did, and that Mae Brussell was also murdered because she kept

on trucking.  I think both of these people deserve to have a monument

erected in their honor, where Danny Casolaro should also be included, as

well as a long string of writers who have tried to report the truth, and

who have been hounded, derided, imprisoned, and sometimes murdered because

of it.


Stephanie Caruana




>No Surprise:  WW Covered Up


>Many Republicans were surprised and disappointed that the

>Republican-controlled Congressional hearings into Whitewater avoided

>testimony and evidence indicating drug-trafficking, money-laundering

>and murder.  To long-time

> students of what Oliver North termed the "Enterprise" or what

>"suicided" investigative journalist Danny Casalaro called the

>"Octopus," this cover-up and evasion of investigating crimes related to

>National Security activi

>ties were expected. .....


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