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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 20:09:08 +0600

From: Stephanie Caruana <>


Subject: Re: My POsts...


Jim, I'm not sure whether this post was coming or going?? If it's a

duplicate to you, please ignore it.




>Date: Tue, 22 Aug 1995 20:07:02 +0600

>To:"Matthew Crawford"  <>

> (Stephanie Caruana)

>Subject:Re: My POsts...



>"Matthew Crawford"  <> wrote:


>> 2.) Does anyone know how Skolnick or any well-informed researcher

>>feels about the GEmstone can you connect Onassis in the

>>big picture?


>Well...I don't know how Skolnick feels, or whether I would qualify in your

>book as a "well-informed researcher," but I did write the "Skeleton Key to

>the Gemstone File"  which is generally circulated as the Gemstone

> I probably know more about this than most people.  I think

>Bruce Roberts was right, although the tale he tells, being from his point

>of view alone, perhaps leaves out certain other factors which have been

>mentioned and stressed by others.


>Stephanie Caruana



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