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James: In case you're wondering where your readers can order a copy of

the book to which Caruana refers, PROJECT SEEK: ONASSIS, KENNEDY AND THE

GEMSTONE THESIS (388 pgs, 30 photos/diagrams, Bridger House (c) 1994), it

can be had by phoning 1-800-729-4131. For anyone doing Gemstone-related

research, this book might prove a valuable asset. It contains rare and

hard-to-find refence material that confirms much of what the Gemstone

Files describe.


On Thu, 22 Jun 1995, James Daugherty wrote:


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> Subj:    Regrets from Gemstone

> Date:    95-06-22 16:45:46 EDT

> From:    SCaruana

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> Dear Jim and everyone else:

> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

> I think I'm going to have to say goodby to this group, at least for the

> present. Not that what you are saying isn't interesting! Just that there's

> too much of it, and I don't have time to cope with all this incoming mail,

> much less respond to it, at present.  Still, the various messages stir up

> many feelings.


> As some people may know, I wrote a short summary of Bruce Roberts' letters

> back in May 1975, to which I attached the name, "A Skeleton Key to the

> Gemstone file."  I sent it out for free distribution, and it did go round

> and round the world.  I meant it as information, and several serious

> researchers have spent years trying to determine whether the information

> was good or not.


> The latest, a book called "Project Seek," does the best job I have seen

> yet of substantiating about 90% of what was said then--a compressed

> version of JFK, Hughes, Onassis, RFK, etc. I've taken a lot of abuse

> through the years, and still have people from all sides of the spectrum

> throwing rocks whenever I stick my head up, but who cares, really?  I'm

> still here, and I still think the story is true.  Have learned a few more

> things in between.


> I think the struggle for domination, and competition to the death, comes

> with the territory for all living creatures-- vegetable, as well as

> animal.  When the first amoeba got crowded out of its water drop, it

> fought back!  You haven't lived until you've watched a couple of male

> mudskippers having at each other over a tiny, but in their view,

> overcrowded puddle.  (2 is too many!) Higher up on the evolutionary scale,

> you have a male lion killing the cubs of the lion who ruled the pride

> before he got there, etc, ad infinitum.


>  Generally, with some species exceptions, the males fight each other,

> while the females save their strength to protect their babies, which keeps

> the species going. What I'm saying is that competition to the death, for

> available resources, is the deciding factor in all evolution.  If you

> don't win a place in the sun for yourself, and some of your children, you

> become extinct.  Monkey bands fight each other over territory.  So do

> baboons. Up the evolutionary scale, blacks fight black, Indians fight

> Indians, Scots and Irish fight English, Serbs fight Croats fight Muslims,

> North fights South, blacks fight whites fight reds fight yellows, Jews

> fight Arabs fight Protestants fight Catholics fight Mohammedans, etcetera.

> The big dance of life.  You got to be in it to win it.  Nobody gets

> excited when a couple of bull moose(s?) fight it out.


> What happened here on the big blue marble was that the two-legged twerps

> with very little fur won big!  Killed off most of the competition!

> Outnumbered their enemies, overflowed their boundaries, defeated even

> germs bigtime, and are now facing the consequences.  Want to live forever?

> You and everyone else.  How about playing fair, wearing out your heart and

> then just going away to that great big never-land in the sky?  No

> way--gimme another heart, please!  It's just "natural" to want to live

> forever, and actively try to kill whoever and whatever seems to be

> standing in your way. I think we're watching the beginnings of a big

> bloodbath which will continue until either the two-legged nudies kill each

> other off to a sustainable population level, get smart (which ain't

> likely), nuke themselves and this whole wonderful world to a powder, or

> like Steven King said in the Stand, create a germ that'll be 99%

> "effective," and maybe AIDS is that.  Anyway, have a nice day.


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