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On Mon, 26 Dec 1994, Howard Duck wrote:


> Is there any evidence that the Gemstone File is true or that

> parts of it is true?


> What is your opinion about it (if you don't mind my asking)?


> Howard Duck,



I don't think it is true.  It is even hard to find parts of it that are



Only the names mentioned have relevance and, of course, something very

weird was going on with Howard Hughes.


The key insight is that there is no integration of it's narrative into

known geopolitial history.


However, it is something that all who would study the conspiracy theory

of history must read!


You may want to read the following book which actually reveals the

associate of Mae Brussel who wrote the Skeleton Key from Bruce Robert's

notes (allegedly).


This associate of conspiracy theorist Mae Brussel is now reachable at:


Stephanie Caruana


Caruana Stephanie 594 Centre Street #2 Jamaica Plain State MA

02130-2560 Phone (914)-647-8757


She claims to still have some of Bruce Roberts' notes and pamphlets, but

she seems to insist on a way of making money on them before she releases



Gemstone File (Illuminet Version) (Edited by Jim Keith) by Bruce Roberts


00795 year 1992 pp 224 hc/pb Paperback price $14.95 In Print


Mysterious document analyzes secret history of world "Mafia" from 1934 to

1975.  Claims Onassis was "Mr. Big" in the world conspiracy.  Allegedly

written by Bruce Roberts, somehow associated with artificial gems for the



Commentaries by Jim Keith, Mae Brussell, Stephanie Caruana, Len Bracken,

Jonathan Vankin, Robert Anton Wilson, G. J.  Krupey, Kerry W. Thornley,

Ben G. Price, Matt Love, X. Sharks DeSpot, Yael Dragwyla, and Gary



In-stock at A-albionic Research, PO Box 20273, Ferndale, MI 48220


To obtain the Gemstone File On-line:


e-mail to:

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