Mindcontrol - Dr. Cameron and MKULTRA


    MKULTRA by Wikipedia

   MKULTRA-mindcontrol experiments , some mysterious deaths, and other crimes.

    Dr. Cameron experiments on Canadian people

Lynne Moss-Sharman letter about her horrors on early childhood

Royal Canadian airforce personnel  massacred 13 children on May 17 1958 , to hide evidences of MKULTRA

News about compensation Canadian government paid for some of Dr.Cameron victims

Anatomy of a public case interest against the CIA, James C. Turner story of his  fight against CIA , and Canadian bureaucracy

America's Secret War, Dr. Cameron experiments on Canadian people, Youtube 13 minutes.

 In this Youtube document, it  comes clear that none of the medical professional who committed these criminal experiments, were  prosecuted  for their crimes. They did not even lost their permit to work as  a medical professional.

Canadian government did not advice any  victims of mind control experiments, that they would get some compensation for their damages, so most of them did not get any compensation at all. Also those who did not have sufficient money for expensive  legal battle with government, got no compensation.There were trials, as late as 2007.Those victims who got some compensation, did not get their compensation  from people who committed these crimes, Their compensation was paid from money of  Canadian taxpayers.

 It is very difficult to come any other conclusion, than these crimes were permitted by governing political parties, that held all the  power on this time..