Mindcontrol - Bits and Pieces

Documentary films and other bits and pieces of Information

Brain Invaders by Jesse Ventura. Electronic mind-control victims and  Gwen towers. Youtube document 43 minutes.

Gwen towers, mind control  and scalar wave transmission

History channel electronic mind control documentary film

Microwave weponry's use on people, explained by Dr. Barrie Trowers

Darrim Daouth truth campaign ,Mindcontrol victim Darrim Daoud death, after he was kept without sleep0 130 hours  2009 in United Kingdom

James Walbert  electronic mind control court-case

    James Walbert actually had a kind of victory, This is his interview, and here are copies of court decision

    James Walbert testimony on the Presidential Commission for the study of  Bioethical Issues

Dr. John Hall interview on electronic terrrorism. John Hall is author of book Satellite terrorism

Julianne McKinney letter to John Lambros

Jon Rappoport report about CIA Experiments with Mind Control on Children

On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology, by Carole Smith

The Larson report , includes some pictures of implants surgically recovered from inside  of the human head.

Mind-control links database Several hundred articles about electronic mind control


Nanoscale Radio Transmitter

Igor Smirnov‘s device

Electromagnetic Countermeasures by Eleanor White

Tom Bearden: Mindcontrol and EM wave polarization Transductions

Organized stalking by Eleanor White