Alternative history -  Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples by Church and State in Canada

Hidden from history, Genocide of Canadian native people

Leilani Muir forced sterilisation, Like many other provinces, Province of Alberta, did try decrease native population amount by forced sterilisation of female. Leilani Muir was onee of hundreds of forcibly sterilized

Canadas Truth Commission on residential Schools, is coming to a troubling close - Far from reconciliation.

Truth and Reconciliation  Commission of Canada findings .

Chronology of Attacks made against Revin Kenin D. Annett, Members United Church and also members of National Police, RCMP, threatened Kevin Annett if he does not stop his research.

Chronology of developments on Native Residential School cases  1998 to 2002 by Religious Tolerance Organisation

30 Child-skeletons discovered  at British Columbia native residential school

International Common Law Court of Justice: Canadian genocide case

Award winning documentary  Unrepentant, about murders, rapes, and torture of native people on Canadian residential schools This  film is based Kevin Annett's book Hidden from history

Kevin Annet's final message

Disappeared natives - 1500 missing, murdered and traded aboriginal girls that racist Canadian criminal justice system cannot account for - by Veterans Today


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