- The sun turns more and more hot, and shall kill the life and humanity.
- The human race will emigrate the Milky Way.
- They colonize it over hundreds of millions of years.
- Several animals and many plants shall go with people.

Like a hotel

--The ship will operate with open fusion
1H2 + 3Li6 => 2He4 + 2He4 + 22 MeV
-- Most of interior and exterior shall be made
of lithium strips and shall finally be "burned".
--The ship spins, and in its axis has lights,
which produce food and oxygen for people.
--They perhaps hibernate long times like
hedgehogs and travel many decades until
they arrive the select solar system and
colonize it.

--The space probes shall cultivate the planet a long time - about 10000 years - before the flight.
--Before the manned fligth a space probe will transport "slowly" equipment to the select planet
of the select solar system in the Milky Way. <<>> more <<>> Tapani Hakonen