The Earth begins to be overpopulated

~~ There are too much people in the world ~~ 7.500.000.000

How to become of us?
~~ and how to become of us? ~~ We need much food.
~~ We need much water.
~~ We need much energy.
~~ We need much goods.
~~ We need much room.
~~ We need education.
~~ We need peace.
~~ We need work.
~~ We need care.
~~ We need art.
~~ We need love.
~~ We produce chaos.
~~ We produce much pollution.
~~ We produce much carbon dioxide.

Help ~~~ Our planet can't go on ~~~ Help !

We must save our planet How we do it? How many children each mother really wants and is able to grow.
Dangerous carbon dioxide content 0.040% was exceeded in May 2013.~~ It was 0,028% in pre-industrial times.