Recovering forests in areas where they have formerly grown

Many village societies in developing countries live today "from hand to mouth",
i.e. they cannot invest on the future due to the prevailing conditions. External
financing, support and follow-up are required. Desertifications must be prevent.

The aim is to exploit a desert located near the village by afforesting it. The
village adopts the area, takes care of it, watches over it and cultivates it.
In exchange, an international society provides the village with solar cookers
and plants, pays compensation for cultivation and makes inspection visits.

The minimum size of an afforestable area is one square kilometer and the area
is carefully selected and enclosed by a fence. To start with, Eucalyptus could
be selected, but planting of other trees, bushes, clearings and fire-fighting paths
will then be started gradually among and in the middle of Eucalyptus trees,
according to the plan. Water exists often not so deep in the ground. The
international interest lies primarily in carbon binding and the development aid.

As the forest grows and becomes more vigorous, it can provide local benefits
as well: the next generation can get a limited amount of sawtimber tree and
fruit from the forest. Gradually the forest tracts grow and the local climate
may change to moister and more productive. Drawbacks will of course be
experienced as well. Some woodlots fail. During a crisis and at the beginning,
it may be necessary to water the seeding stands. Versatility is important to
the species distribution.

Forest growing encounters problems, such as drought periods, sand storms,
fires, pests, vandalism and corruption. Still most projects can be completed.
At least it is worth trying; after all, the project gives hope for the mankind
and Climate change 9800 BC provides work for the local people. Around are fence and "sand fence".

The erosion uses agricultural lands. Large open fields will change barren. Once
wide fields are divided by narrow forestry strips, the erosion will be far less.
P.S. I have built this homepage since 1996. Many of ideas are much older, the others
have been written immediately. I hope the economical thinking moves gradually to
environmental direction. Many of us live in the abundant past, which does not exist.
We must all make sacrifices for a better world, but I believe that the resulting
fantastic world contains work and great opportunities for everyone.

I got great joy and pleasure to make and develope ideas. I can not live without
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