Why should the eco-diesel be designed and realized?

Why should.?

It is about time to design substitute structures and renewable energy because, the new oil deposits
are in very difficult places or in severe form, such as oil sand, and production costs high.

1. The oil reserves of the world are slowly being exhausted and it will be all the more difficult to get
oil. There is not enough oil for us and for the fast developing countries like China and India.

2. Furthermore, the oil reserves are heavily concentrated in only few areas of the world, which tends
to cause various availability and price crises.

3. Sulfur, nitrogen, soot and, most of all, carbon dioxide emissions destroy our planet before long
and cause both predictable and unpredictable natural catastrophes.

4. If oil runs out suddenly and we have not been prepared for it, then the collapse of the economy :
hunger, riots, wars follow - perhaps the collapse of the civilisation and many people will die.

5. Productization of new energy sources means great investments and organizations for many new
industrial brances and for primary production - even as we must knit together long advantage of
globalization oil lobby
It takes time. But because demand of oil consumption oil prices will increase in the world, and the
new energy sources will enter soon more attracting. Many experts like in addition to that "Peak oil"
is achieved, and the oil production will inevitably decline. I believe that the oil will be paid after
five years twice as compared to the present.

Mine coal ?

Tapani Hakonen