Tsunamis You shall build not so close ashore because tsunamis, and because the polar glaciers melt very rapidly now.

Rampart is the best protection against tsunamis

The beach ridges must build higher (~2 m/20 years) in
some places, because every meter will save somewhat.
None of the height is not enough to save against
all tsunamis. I have the opinion that the
ten-meter height is suffi ciently safe height.

The possible return water must open the
. Near by ridges will be perhaps
gardens and forests for protect the area. Beach
ridges help also against hurricanes and river floods.
The same bank will save perhaps thousands of years. I guess that a tsunami will be sure to arrive in the meantime.

The bank shall be made by knotty resinous trees, soil and stones. Above bank can be build a road or even highway.
Harbours and beachs are outside of the bank of course, but the population and business will be lokated mainly inside.

The mangrove forest can be protected as well as hurricanes and tsunamis and add value. Collectors will receive
timber after a storm and fishermen catches. Spawning is available at. Shipping lanes pass through mangrove areas.

Tapani Hakonen



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