Mine coal is bad solution for climate and perhaps for your health!

Mine coal Mine coal is bad solution for climate, because carbon moves from ground to atmosphere,
and will strengthen Greenhouse effect, because carbon do not circle between atmosphere
and ground. Otherwise mineral coal is dirty and unhealthy.

In the short period and narrow thinking bisnis mine coal may seem profitable, but the human
and environmental effects are heavy. At present, renewable energy is already more profitable
as compared to mine coal. Perhaps within existing mine coal power plants can use renewable
energy for back-up..

The energy produced by the charcoal can burn very clean, and carbon circles between
atmosphere and flora up and down. Charcoal demands less grinding energy, and will be
easy wash down. Charcoal had been always manufactured, but currently it can fabricate
very efectivily industrial. Peat can be refined as charcoal, if the marsh will be restored.

Check the ratio C14/C12 if necessary in the laboratory. Mine (old) coal has no C14 ,
because carbon isotope C14 was born in the atmosphere and will decay in the ground
gradually. "Just" photosynthesized carbon has more C14 . There is a big difference between
old carbon and new carbon.

Oil ?

Tapani Hakonen