Hoverflies from Kilpisjärvi-area 1998 with two new species to finnish fauna

Antti Haarto

Two species howerflies (Syrphidae), Parasyrphus dryadis (Holmgren) and Platycheirus nigrofemoratus Kanervo, are reported as new to finnish fauna.

Antti Haarto, Kaukonpuistotie 43, Fin-23120 Mietoinen, Finland. E-mail address: antti.haarto@utu.fi

The area, where the collections were done, was treeless mountains of the Kilpisjärvi-area in the finnish Lapland. Two different habitats were studied for presence of the howerflies. At the first day (12.VII) the collection position was Urttasvaara and the habitat was a meadow under a precipice where the vegetation was luxuriant. At the other days (13.-18.VII) the collection position was Urttas mountains and the habitat was bare mountaintop where Dryas octopetala L. grows among the vegetation. The meadow on Urttasvaara was at height of 900 m and the mountain Urttas 1000-1100 m over the sea level.

An interesting discovery from Urttasvaara was a male of Platycheirus nigrofemoratus Kan. what was new species to the finnish fauna. This holarctic species was earlier known in Europe from Abisko in Sweden and from Petsamo-area as the type locality in Russia. Other interesting find was 12 specimens of Cheilosia semifasciata Beck. This is a rare species in Finland and found earlier at least from N: Helsinki, N: Espoo and Le: Kilpisjärvi, Malla. The known food plant of C. semifasciata is Sedum telephium L. that do not grow as north as the collection position. A possible food plant for C. semifasciata might be Rhodiola (Sedum) rosea L. that grows at the edges of the precipice and on the meadow. The list of specimens collected from Le: Kilpisjärvi, Urttasvaara (769:26), 12.VII.1998, A. Haarto leg. follows:

Platycheirus complicatus Beck.     1m1f
Platycheirus manicatus (Meig.)     6f
Platycheirus nigrofemoratus Kan.   1m
Cheilosia alpina Zett.             4f
Cheilosia melanopa (Zett.)         2m
Cheilosia semifasciata Beck.       9m3f

The surprising discovery from Urttas mountains was a male of Parasyrphus dryadis (Holmgren) among the common species Parasyrphus tarsatus (Zett.). Parasyrphus dryadis was collected 14.VII and was new to the finnish fauna. The distribution of this species is extreme north of Western Europe, also Novaya Zemlya and northeast Ust-Tsilma -area. Another interesting finding was a female of Eupeodes abiscoensis (L. & D.). The specimen was third from Finland and was collected at 13.VII. The earlier specimens were from Le: Enontekiö and Li: Utsjoki. From the rare holarctic species, Platycheirus goenlandicus Curran, was collected six specimens from the mountain Urttas. The list of specimens collected from Le: Kilpisjärvi, Urttas (769:26), 13.-18.VII. 1998, A. Haarto leg. follows:

Eupeodes abiscoensis (D. & L.)     1f
Parasyrphus tarsatus (Zett.)       8m4f
Parasyrphus dryadis (Holmgren)     1m
Melanostoma mellinum (L.)          1m
Platycheirus groenlandicus Curran  2m6f
Cheilosia melanopa (Zett.)         3m6f
Cheilosia pagana (Meig.)           1m