Lepibase 2.0
Butterflies of Europe

Species and Habitat

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LEPIBASE 2.0 CD-ROM contains the most complete photo collection of the
European butterflies with distribution maps and text data. This software is also
extremely flexible and open. The user may easily customize the data and even
create his own applications by changing the species list, photos and text data,
as well as draw new distribution maps. The user may, for example, create an
own application of  "Moths of Australia".

Lepibase CD covers all the European species from Portugal to the Ural mountains
as well as most of the species in nearby areas such as the Canary Islands,
Madeira, North Africa, Cyprus and Asian Turkey. The user may study species of
44 ranges (countries) separately. This will help a lot in the identification of many
similar-looking species. For example, with "Italy" selection the name of this CD
might be "Butterflies of Italy". Species are also easy to find with fast Search

(lepi3e.jpg 61 kb) The resolution of most of the Lepibase photos is 1024*768 pixels with 16 million colours, 2443 photos are available for 525 species. These photos may be enlarged to fill the whole display. From these photos it is easy to distinguish small details compared to printed life size photos, for example, of a very small Silvery Argus (Aricia nicias). The Lepibase 2.0 has 6 modules for different data and operation types: 1. Data: The basic text data of each species; habitat, range, food plant, flight time, etc.

(lepi4e.jpg 127 kb) 2. Compare: Compare photos of different species.

(lepi5e.jpg 109 kb) 3. All photos: Photo gallery review.

(lepi6e.jpg 103 kb) 4. Observations: Saving of own butterfly observations data.

(lepi7e.jpg 68 kb) 5. Map: Distribution maps of each species.

(lepi8e.jpg 218 kb) 6. Demo: Automatic review of photos and data at given interval.

(lepi9e.jpg 27 kb) Versatile printing options are also available in these modules, as well as several tools for editing the text data, species list, dictionary table, distribution maps and program default settings. Most of the menu commands are available in nine different languages. The text data is available in English and Finnish, however, the user may save any text data also in seven other languages: Estonian, Swedish, Danish, German, French, Italian and Spanish. The language selection and many other selections may be saved and used as the default ones. In this mean the name of this CD may be given in nine languages: Butterflies of Europe Euroopan päiväperhoset Europas Fjärilar Schmetterlinge von Europa Farfalle di Europa Euroopa Liblikad Europas Sommerfugle Papillons d'Europe Mariposas de Europa The user may also use Lepibase 2.0 to save observations and photos for the other Lepidoptera groups than butterflies. The most easy way to create the species lists for the other groups is to read them from the following CD in few seconds: Karsholt O and Razowski J: The Lepidoptera of Europe A Distributional Checklist. Apollo Books, Stenstrup, 1996. ISBN 87-88757-01-3. System Requirements Operation system: Windows 95, 98 or NT Processor: Pentium 60 MHz (recommended at least 120 MHz) Memory: 16 MB (recommended at least 32 MB) Hard Disk Space: Standard installation 7 MB, full installation 650 MB. (Some more space might be needed if FAT32 file system is not used). CD: 2* (recommended at least 12*) Display: SVGA, 256 colors (strongly recommended: 1024*768, true color 24-bit)

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